What To Expect

Q:  Where is The Bridge?

A:  The Bridge is a new and growing church in Bixby, OK. As a new church started Easter of 2009, we are excited to see growth, but are even more blessed by the hearts that are changing with a new understanding of Godʼs love and grace. Experience it for yourself. Get directions and come for a visit.

Q:  Who attends the church?

A:  The Bridge family is a good cross section of both young families and mature adults; of those who have been “churched” their whole lives, those just coming back to God, and those experiencing God in their lives for the first time. But young or old, the people here are passionate about knowing a real God and actively experiencing Him in their lives.

Q:  What kind of church is The Bridge?

A:  The Bridge breaks out of the mindset that a church has to focus in one area to meet the needs of a specific demographic in order to be “successful”. We are a worshiping church with a strong desire to encounter Godʼs presence through our worship. We are a teaching church, placing emphasis on knowing Godʼs Word so we can become a living example of His love. We are “seeker-friendly” by offering an environment free of judgment. We are an outreach church by discovering of the needs of the people in our community, both physically and spiritually, and meeting them so they can see Godʼs provision in their lives. We donʼt try to be all things to all people. We let God do that, in part, by using us at The Bridge…

Q:  Are there multiple service styles available?

A:  We believe that Godʼs intention for us in coming to church was to build strength through a community of believers and promote growth in our own spiritual lives through our relationship with others. We want our people living life together! Traditional and contemporary styles are blended so that we can worship God and grow in Him as a family. Isnʼt that more important than if the musicʼs too loud?

Q:  Is there anything available for my kids?

A:  We are so excited about what God is doing with our kids. We have an active and growing youth group and childrenʼs church, and we donʼt just play games. Our youth own their relationship with God and they are ready to see God use them now. The kids receive foundational instruction focused on learning Godʼs fundamental truths. This is not just daycare. Stop in and see what theyʼre up to.

Q:  When are the services?

A:  We are meeting on Saturday night at 6:00pm, Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00am and Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. Childrenʼs Church and Youth meet at the same times.

Q:  What should I wear (do I have to wear a tie)?

A:  Are you serious? Come as you are. Weʼd love to have you.