About The Church


(Mark 12:31) – We passionately desire to experience a constant encounter with God, and believe that through worship we allow God access to our lives. We worship because it is the natural response to the revelation of Godʼs grace in our lives. That grace is born of His undying love for us. God first reached out to us, called us by name, honored us, and is now pleased with us because of the sacrifice He offered on our behalf… and we worship Him.


(Psalms 40:3; Acts 22:14-15) – Our faith is lived and alive because it is built on the foundation of relationship with our God, not on processes and formulas. Our faith invests more time in understanding who we are through Christ, rather than in what we are not or what we need. Our faith is built on authority, knowledge, and “Son”ship, and is sustained by the evidence of His love in our lives. Through encounter with God and life with others, our faith will find expression and change will happen.


(2 Corinthians 5:17) – Through worship, fellowship, and the understanding of our “Son”ship through His Word, our lives can no longer be mediocre. Godʼs plans for our lives become realized, and we are a beacon of light in darkness. We become a testimony of hope, proof that only His love can change this life. We are filled with infectious joy that will transform the world.

About the Pastor: Orlando Juarez

Orlando Juarez, Senior PastorOrlando serves as the founding and senior pastor of The Bridge in Bixby, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa. Prior to being the senior pastor of The Bridge, Orlando served for five years as the Associate Pastor and Worship Pastor of The Crossing Church in The Woodlands, Texas. Preceding his time at The Crossing, Orlando served as the Worship Minister at Grace Church for 13 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In every role he has served in, there are two characteristics that define what Orlando is about – a love for God that is infectious and a love for people that expresses acceptance. The Bridge is built on this foundation – a relational connection to God that is expressed and revealed by loving others.

“Everything revolves around the concept that we are accepted by the Father because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Our living out a life of victory was set in motion at the resurrection, and we labor to rest in what He says and thinks about us. And what He thinks about us is what He thinks about Jesus. WOW!”

Orlando and his wife, Kim, were married in July 1982. They have three children
and two grandchildren.